Looking Back

The history of Khachaturian Engineering Associates, Inc. (KEA Engineers) takes us back to 1984. KEA was founded by Armen Khachaturian, a 15-year engineering veteran. His eldest son, Adam, was just 8 years old at the time.

KEA's growth was slow but steady in the beginning, as Armen secured work with clients such as Schering Plough, Bristol Myers-Squibb, and Liz Claiborne. However, in 1994, KEA made a fortuitous connection with an up-and-coming coffeehouse called Starbucks. This connection led to the engineering design of stores across the 10 Northeast States, but also to numerous valuable contacts with construction managers. These managers brought KEA with them to their next jobs and beyond, solidifying KEA's place as a leader in the industry.  

In 2005, after 7 years at JB&B, Adam Khachaturian joined KEA Engineers. His transition was seamless. As the current Director of Engineering, Adam makes it his mission to continue on the tradition of KEA as a family-owned business, where clients come first and employees are treated like family. 

In 2020, KEA celebrated its 36th anniversary of providing engineering excellence to New Jersey, New York and beyond. We look forward to 36 more years!

KEA History, Adam & Armen Khachaturian

Building a Culture 

In building the foundation and history of KEA Engineers, Armen didn't realize he was also building a culture. Armen’s personality as one who values cooperation, hard work, caring and diligence developed a positive environment for KEA Engineers from the start. The addition of Adam to the team only bolstered this supportive culture.

At KEA, we believe in respecting the needs of our clients and respecting our staff. Senior team members are always willing to help the junior team, new ideas are welcomed, and leading by example with dedication and hard work is the norm.

We understand that the sole purpose of our business is to serve our clients and to do so willingly, eagerly, and quickly. This is our formula for success, and it has led us to where we are today.